Thursday 4 September 2014


Most brides have an image of how they want their wedding day to look.  Some spend months sourcing and hand making items for their big day but struggle to put it all together at the last minute, when they're so busy dealing with dresses, bridesmaids, catering and guests.  Others love the ideas but don't know how to pull it all together or might just not have that creative bent.  Or maybe you just need a bit of help but want to do the majority yourselves?  Whichever type of bride you are, Kirsten Butler, aka The Little Wedding Helper, can make your event truly magical.

First things first - what is the Little Wedding Helper?  Well, Kirsten is an award winning stylist - she's an incredibly talented lady who transforms venues from pretty into magical!  She's full of ideas to make your day personal to you and give your venue that WOW factor!  

Every couple want their own personalities to shine through on their big day - whether it's mismatched coloured glass bottles filled with country flowers, cute vintage knick knacks for your tables, a selection of family photos in beautiful frames, scrabble letters spelling out the Bride & Groom's names or a suitcase for the table plan, Kirsten can do it beautifully.  What I love is that she can bring all your ideas to life, but she's always ahead of the game, spending hours researching new directions and coming up with her own quirky take on things.  

Kirsten is a long term 'car boot' partner of mine and I'm always amazed when she picks something up that I bypassed and then explains to me what she's going to do with it - her imagination knows no bounds and she's always thinking outside the box!  She has a garage full or props and a head full of creative ideas! 

And yes, I'm a little bit jealous!  But I love working with Kirsten and can promise you that you will too.  She's collaborative by nature and brings out all your own creativity.  Added to which she's lovely, positive lady who adores weddings and the couples she works for and really does put 110% into every job she does - her enthusiasm knows no bounds. And if you need proof, just take a look at her testimonials - you don't have to take my word.

So, if you're the kind of bride that spends hours on Pinterest, collecting images of how they want their wedding to look, but you either don't have the manpower, the time or the creativity to make those pictures come to life, then why don't you get The Little Wedding Helper and just take that weight off your mind!

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