Saturday 13 September 2014


Pete Cranston is great!  He's a great photographer and a great guy.  There's no faffing around with him - if you want beautiful pictures from someone who's really passionate about what he does then he's the guy for you.

In his own words "I'm there to see you through my eyes and shine a (metaphorical) light on how ace you are".  And that's exactly what he does.

If you want to see examples of Pete's work, take a look at the photos of this year's fair at Clifton Pavilion earlier this year.

Pete loves the details.  He wants you to have photographs that capture those tiny moments to build a picture of the whole story of your day - giving you a memory that encapsulates all the atmosphere and emotion of your wedding day.

There are no stiffly posed photos here - his images are honest and real, simple and full of love.

You don't need to take our word for it - his clients, quite frankly, gush about him - about what an artist he is, his relaxed, charming persona and what a great decision they made choosing him.  Just take a look at what they say.

The photos on Pete's blog are beautiful - each one captures a moment, a feeling, a look - and, more than anything, the love between a couple.

Again - over to Pete for the final word.  "If .. you want to marry the love of your life and you want to share that with those closest to you .. we will probably get on.  I will work best when you are relaxed and thinking more about being married than getting married."

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