Friday 19 September 2014


Inconspicuous, fun, relaxed, beautiful, emotive - these are the words Lush Imaging uses to describe their work - and their clients are happy to tell you that's all true.

Lush Imaging's trademark is their ability to make people feel relaxed and forget they're being photographed so they're able to capture the most beautiful, natural photos bringing back all the emotion of the day.

They want to tell the story of your day, taking a step back and see the day with their own unique vision.  They love to work with natural light and their photos reflect their ability to let your personality be the star.

Offering packages to suit all pockets and needs Lush Imaging offer an extra little gift of a gorgeous short wedding movie - a lovely memory of your wedding that you can dip into whenever you want a reminder of your big day!

Their way of shooting is fun, relaxed and 100% professional.  They'll ensure it's totally stress free but more than anything, their work is about emotion.  Naomi is passionate about what she does, and she really "feels" her pictures.  Take a look at the  gallery and you'll understand what I mean.

As Naomi says "I also realise your wedding is not my wedding!  My job is to support you, take the pressure off, have fun and make sure your wonderful day has the amazing images you will want to cherish forever!  Really, what more could you ask for?

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