Saturday 20 September 2014


Every now and again you come across someone's work and you know you're going to love everything they do - Moomie Swan is one of those people for me!  She's the designer of our fabulous promotional artwork
We worked together for the first time on the artwork for the Bristol Zoo fair earlier this year but I'd known Moomie for several years and had loved her work, so I was really excited when she agreed to work with us on the fair artwork.

There's something really evocative about Moomie's work - it's like our world but in a slightly parallel, far more interesting universe!  Take a look at her blog to immerse yourself into her world.  I'm working with her on avatars for my businesses and I'm totally intrigued with what she'll come up with (watch this space!).  What's more, she is just so easy to work with - I just give her a brief and she comes up with pretty much perfection!

I love the quirkiness of her characters, and each piece of artwork tells a story - you want to know the background - who they are, what's their story - what will happen next!

If you want artwork or a portrait in Moomie's quirky style, get in touch.  She is quite amazing!

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