Saturday, 30 August 2014


Quirky, eclectic and elegant are the key words that spring to mind when I think of Gemma Sangwine's work and if you're looking for beautiful handmade hair ornaments, bespoke bridal fascinators or corsages then you will love our next exhibitor!

I met Gemma a few years ago and immediately fell in love with her beautiful pieces.  Heavily influenced by vintage styles, harking back to a bygone era when people made more of an effort with the way that they dressed, and everyone wore hats, Gemma loves the shapes from the 1930s and has a collection of vintage dresses and accessories from that era. 

She puts a lot of time into each and every piece she makes, often spending hours picking through her collection of vintage costume jewellery to find the right combination of pieces. She also like using unusual materials, such as old Monopoly money and tokens, and miniature china tea sets.  A self-admitted hoarder who hates throwing things away, Gemma loves finding inventive ways of reusing things.  Consequently most of the materials she uses are vintage or recycled, including antique lace and beadwork (often salvaged from antique 1910-20's dresses) vintage costume jewellery (marcasite and diamante pieces are popular for bridal pieces/  Most of the jewellery she uses is no longer wearable as they are odd earrings, brooches that have lost their pins, broken necklaces etc) and natural and dyed feathers, all sourced either as a by product of the food industry or from a licensed game keeper in conjunction with the Wildlife and Country Act 1981.

Gemma can also incorporate personal mementoes, for example favourite pieces of jewellery, lace or fabric from the bridal dress etc..

As a child Gemma and her sister used to make clothes and accessories for their dolls, progressing to making their own clothes, which led to a degree in Textiles and Fashion from Winchester School of Art.  Gemma then went on to work in retail and admin but kept the creative side going including a regular Covent Garden Market stall selling handbags made from recycled and remnant fabrics.  As Gemma says "Fast fashion is much more readily available now, so with fashion accessories you really have to offer something special to stand out from the mainstream, and my bespoke service is part of this" and her work has evolved in response to trends and customer demands since moving to the Cotswolds 10 years ago.

About 4 years ago, Gemma was making brooches with feathers and beads when a friend suggested she make some for hair adornments.  Once these proved popular, Gemma's designs evolved, adding vintage costume jewellery, old pearl necklaces, lace and beadwork.  Her first bride commissioned Gemma after seeing her work in 'Made in Stroud'.  She opened Gemma's eyes to a whole new market and she hasn't looked back since, with regular bridal commissions, which she loves.

Gemma's inspiration mostly comes from the materials that she uses. For example, she says "the pieces made with pearls set on a round sinamay base came about as I was playing around with coiling an old pearl necklace into a tight circle and folding it back on itself. I saw that they could be made to fit on the base, and by incorporating a statement brooch, had the right balance of pearl and diamante to make a perfect bridal piece."

She continues "I respond to the materials, try out different juxtapositions, see what pieces fit together, it takes time and I'm happiest when I can just sit in the studio and play, the creativity flows and new designs evolve over the course of the day. A new product can take several days, and prototypes, before I am happy with it. I then make up collections in small batches, my favourite bit is sorting through the vintage jewellery, I'm like a magpie surrounded by sparkly things!

My love of vintage means I am also constantly referencing shapes and styles from the 1920's to the 1950's, when women always styled their hair and wore hats and fascinators on a daily basis! After the Great Gatsby film came out last year I found there was a strong trend for Flapper style hair pieces, I made some samples pieces for a photoshoot with my stockist As Long as it Sparkles, and from the back of that developed a couple of new ranges referencing the 1920's. A year later and they are still popular and selling well, I think people love to reference periods in the past when women were more feminine and life seemed more care-free."

Asked about her favourite piece she's created, Gemma responds  "Last October I was approached by two ladies who were organising a Masquerade Ball charity fundraiser at Woodchester Mansion. They both love dressing up and have quite outgoing personalities, so they were up for having some fun and creating flamboyant hair pieces. My favourite one involved using a miniature, feather covered Peacock with two smaller feather covered birds, long peacock feathers and antique beadwork, it was a great statement piece!"

So what can prospective brides expect from Gemma's bespoke service?  Gemma tells us "I work closely with the bride to produce a unique piece that reflects her style and personality. I don't advertise so all my clients come to me either from personal recommendation or because the have already seen my work in one of my stockists or met me at one of the Vintage Fairs I attend, so we will have a good starting point as they know what kind of pieces I make, the materials typically used, and the overall quality and finish.   Each and every piece is unique and the bespoke service allows clients to spend time with me developing their piece, tailoring it to their taste, trying out different options and ensuring they are totally happy with the end product.

I just finished a bridal order which started out as a fascinator with veil, and evolved to include a keepsake bouquet and buttonholes too! I worked closely with the bride to include pieces of sentimental value in the bouquet, I made fabric flowers (including offcuts of lace from the dress) and picked out pieces of vintage jewellery from my collection, to make a piece that was totally unique and individual.  I always feel privileged to be chosen to make bespoke bridal pieces, and be part of such an important event in peoples lives. 

Gemma recently completed a basic millinery course and is developing the skills to be able to make her own fascinator bases and cocktail hats.  Keep an eye on her blog for all her news. If you can't make the fair but would like to see Gemma's work, she currently has four stockists: Made in Stroud, As Long as it Sparkles in Stow on the Wold, Qetty Bang Bang in Tetbury, and Cox and Baloney Vintage Boutique in Bristol.

Her studio is in an old textiles mill in Thrupp, just outside Stroud, and is open by appointment. She will also be taking part in a Winter Open Studio on 8th & 9th November, when she and her studio buddies Victoria (her sister, who makes accessories for men, women & the home, also with an emphasis on vintage and recycled materials) and her best friend Nick (a silk weaver who she met whilst studying at Winchester School of Art) open the doors to 16A Stafford Mill to the public for the weekend.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Just imagine your guests' faces when they see an amazing cheese wedding cake on your big day!  We guarantee it will not only be a massive talking point, but you will have guests queuing to have a taste!

Recognised as one of the finest British cheesemongers, the CheeseWorks is a family run shop in the heart of Cheltenham, who pride themselves on their personal service.  Their knowledgeable staff value each individual customer no matter how small or large their needs and are happy to help with one perfect piece of cheese or a whole cheese wedding cake!

They are passionate about food, sourcing gourmet products from the best local, national and European suppliers and, with over 100 local and European cheeses in their store, they want to share their passion with you!

The CheeseWorks offer a bespoke service so that couples can create their own wedding cake, including a free in-store consultation so that Brides and Grooms can personally try the artisan cheeses and choose their perfect cake!

As well as their fabulous shop and wedding work, they also provide cheese vouchers (yes please!), gift boxes and hampers combining a selection of cheese, chutneys, crackers and even wine.  You can book a cheese and wine tasting at their shop or they can help you create your own D.I.Y. cheese and wine evening - great for a pre-wedding get together for hens or stags!

The CheeseWorks are suppliers to The Daffodil and you'll have a chance to talk to them about exactly what they can do for you on the 21st and see a selection of their delicious cheeses.

Sunday, 24 August 2014


Richard Cole is rightly proud of his heritage as the great-grandson of Abraham Cole, who took over 'The Famous' in Cheltenham in 1896.  Richard himself joined the business in 1999, becoming Menswear Director in 2007 and, with tailoring in his blood, he is very proud to bring this tradition to new life and to new and existing clients with a contemporary twist.

Richard is dedicated to continuing the legacy of highest quality tailoring, personally selected using his 15 years experience and also offering advice about shirts, ties and accessories to complete the outfit.

The importance of customer service was instilled into Richard from a young age and he recognised the strength of the business was offering something not available elsewhere on the high street - a truly personal service and superb quality menswear.

Richard wants his clients to enjoy the process and considers it his job to make finding the right suit less daunting, stress free and enjoyable so that you end up with the perfect garment for you. He offers no obligation visits and can provide semi bespoke tailoring, wedding tailoring, personal tailoring, evening tailoring as well as an off the peg service that includes alterations.  If you can't fit in a visit to his premises, then he can visit you and your bride at home, so you can both be involved in the process.

Visit Richard at the wedding fair to have a chat about how he can help you find the perfect suit for your wedding day or any other occasion.  As Richard says "There is nothing better than a well dressed, well suited man" and I think we can all agree with that!

All photographs courtesy of Jim Fear,

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I am truly in love with Chocolate Delores, both the cakes and the lady who makes them. I have known her for several years now and she is a massive inspiration to me as I am in awe of her creativity and her passion for what she does.

I remember the first time I saw one of her cakes - my jaw actually did drop - and I spent the next half hour just circling the cake wondering how on earth she could design, let alone actually make, something so beautiful … and what's more it was made of chocolate!

Each of these scrumptious chocolate wedding cakes are handmade to order, using the best quality organic, Fairtrade and local ingredients. The main ingredient is a deliciously dark chocolate and each cake is soaked overnight in Port before being layered with Madagascan vanilla buttercream and homemade plum jam. After that, using white, dark or milk chocolate, master chocolatier Lizzie Melling gets to work designing.  So not only do her cakes look stunning, they taste amazing.

Now I also know just how much time and love go into these stunning creations as Lizzie often works into the early hours of the morning to ensure the cake is absolutely perfect.

Every time I see Lizzie's cakes I have a new favourite … for a while it was the cherubs (which I still adore) and more recently I've been bowled over by her skull cake - perfect for a couple looking for something a little dark and different!

But I've been made speechless by a classically beautiful dark chocolate cake filled with deep red roses, and blown away by her edible stylish shoes (perfect presents for hens or bridesmaids!).  

I am a real fan of her individual cakes - for a small affair or perfect as a special present for any occasion.

Copyright Rosa Fay Photography

If you want a cake that not only supplies the 'WOW' factor but will also have your guests wanting more, then Chocolate Delores Cakes are for you!

Sunday, 17 August 2014


If you're looking for unique vintage inspired headdresses, everlasting bouquets, jewellery and accessories then you are going to love our first exhibitor, Vintage Button Bridal Designs.  

Clare Lloyd has been silver-smithing for over 8 years so when her sister got married and asked Clare to make her vintage-themed jewellery and bouquet Clare was hooked!  By popular demand, she started making wedding items for her friends which led to her own business making bespoke, unique pieces.

Each item is hand made by Clare using original vintage jewellery, precious metals and stones, pearls, buttons, lace and Swarovski crystals in order to create a unique piece you can treasure as a permanent reminder of your wedding day.

Clare has always made jewellery and has incorporated her passion of all things vintage, the fashion, furniture and architecture, into her designs.

Clare can work with you to design and make vintage style jewellery, hair accessories, button holes, corsages or bouquets.  She is inspired by the elegance of the 30's, 40's and 50's and loves creating new designs from once-loved pieces of  jewellery.

As she is registered with the Birmingham Assay Office, all Clare's silver jewellery is hallmarked and stamped with her makers mark (a heart surrounding her initials) and she also makes a range of simple hammered wedding bands in various metals.

Lace, silks, brooches, beads, pearls and buttons can be used to create an alternative everlasting bouquet, with the option to have matching corsages and button holes!  And a wide range of Clare's work can be seen on her gallery page.

Come and meet Clare and have a chat about your ideas for designs and see some of her inspirational work!