Thursday 18 September 2014


If you're looking for professional, fun cabaret-style vintage entertainment for your day The Jeanie Lees are perfect!

Kayleigh and her friend Izzie have worked as professional dancers for many years. Just over a year ago, Kayleigh had the brainwave idea to pool their skills and set up their own company.  Kayleigh loves creating bespoke tailor made shows with Izzy by her side as a talented choreographer and second in command. They have recently recruited more industry professional performers and expanded the business to stand out from the crowd. The Jeanie Lee's are no longer a dance troupe but a bespoke entertainment company.

They now have a fully professional group of professionally trained industry performers including singers, dancers, comperes, burlesque performers, fire artists and Stilt walkers, They've even got their first male dancer! The Jeanie Lee's have become a well established variety company, able to provide tailor-made performances for any events. 

Because of their long-standing experience in the industry they are able to recruit other skills if there's something specific you need. The Jeanie Lee's pride themselves on being bespoke, with all new and unique choreography, providing their clients with the best tailor made shows out there!  So whether you want Charleston dancers, 50's pin up singers, a showgirl spectacular, a mixture of it all or something entirely different, The Jeanie Lee's can help to add that glitz and glamour to your special day.

You can enjoy performances from a small selection of their company on the day and chat to Kayleigh about what else they can do for your own special event.

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