Friday 19 September 2014


Katie and I started up Bristol Vintage over 6 years ago now. Katie was getting married and loved the idea of having vintage crockery at her wedding. We were both mad vintage hoarders and had started to collect cups & saucers wherever we could find them - car boot sales, auctions, charity shops, friends, relatives ... and Katie's wedding day was amazing!

Photo Courtesy of Pete Cranston

Katie and I had known each other for several years and knew we'd love working together and suddenly we had the perfect business - vintage crockery hire.  Once we'd started we couldn't stop collecting, and now we have afternoon tea crockery for over 300 people, 100 Babycham glasses, a full dinner service for 150 people and lots of props, including Mabel, our beloved vintage bike, working gramophones & typewriters, sledges, picnic hampers and rugs and our recently acquired vintage-style photo wall!

Yes, we're a little obsessed, but we love what we do and we just can't resist collecting more for our brides!

Although Katie left the company after her third child, we still meet regularly to bounce ideas of each other and Katie can often be seen waitressing at one of our events, along with our fab team of the loveliest waitresses you could find!

We supply crockery for afternoon teas for two, up to a full wedding including set-up and style and waitress-service. We can introduce you to fabulous caterers, stunning dressmakers, delicious cakes and pretty much everything you need for the perfect vintage wedding.

I'll just have a small table of crockery & props at the fair as I want to focus on my exhibitors, but please do come and have a chat if you'd like more information. I'm really looking forward to meeting you all!

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