Saturday 14 February 2015


For original, unique and exquisitely detailed designer hair accessories, step forward Tricia Designs.  

Tricia Designs offers bespoke fascinators, hats and clips, all made to order. The 'Bridal Collection' is updated regularly with new pieces that range from 'catwalk glamour' to elegant sophistication, with sleek lines, high quality gems and floating silks.

Whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride, a bridesmaid, flower girl or wedding guest, Tricia Designs has exquisite and charming organza floral belts, hairbands, hairclips, headbands, shoe clips and matching bow ties available.

Tricia's latest collection of fascinator accessories are inspired by 150 years of 'Alice in Wonderland'. Think drama, quirky images, splashes of colour and asymmetric patterns. Some pieces of the 'Alice' collection will showcase on her Facebook page in February so do check it out.

Tricia also makes and designs Venetian masks. Add suspense and style to masquerade events and let your imagination be the limit! She has a wide range of traditional masks and can create bespoke silhouettes in quality textiles. Each mask is an artistic explosion of colour and designed to suit the wearer. They're comfortable to wear too. You can wear them with glasses and even have your glasses incorporated into a bespoke design!

At the Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair, Tricia will have a selection of her Vintage Bridal Collection on display as well as a portfolio of designs to inspire you. You can try on her samples to give you an idea of shape and size and how these beautiful pieces work. She'll also be on hand to give you advice on colour, style and shape, so catch her while you can.

Excitingly, amongst all her PR, Tricia's recently been featured in Sainsbury's Bank magazine!  

(Thanks to Pete Cranston Photography for Image 1, Feather Swirl and Barclay Photography for Image 2)

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