Monday 16 February 2015


I'm very excited that Le Soulier will be exhibiting with us in Bristol!  Her shoes are literally a work of art to wear on your wedding day and have forever as a keepsake of your day.

I came across Le Soulier whilst scouring the web and wedding magazines looking for new and unusual suppliers who I felt would appeal to the brides who attend our fair. When I felt my heart beating a little faster I knew I'd found something really special.

Sonia, an innovative shoe designer who graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in Footwear Design and Construction, honed her skills designing for many well known high street brands.  Being such a creative soul she formed her own company 'Sole Creations' working with top designers, transforming their bridal collections.

Sonia's philosophy is to make wedding shoes that stand out from the crowd by adding personality and creating a style statement.  Her shoes are works of art that are totally personal to you. 

Dealing with clients all over the world, Sonia's service couldn't be more simple.  You buy your own shoes, ensuring a perfect, comfy fit.  Sonia can create hand painted designs on almost any surface (silk, leather, synthetic) with the exception of patent or gloss and, as long as there is enough surface area for your desired design, then any style, colour or heel height will work. 

You can email or call Sonia to discuss a colour scheme and overall look to complement your dress and flowers and you can post or email swatches and samples. Nothing is impossible create, from flowers, tartans & bows through to your married name and more, - the choice is endless.

Once you've both decided on the final unique look, Sonia does her magic and transforms your plain, dull shoes into your very own personal work of art.

No two pairs are the same and if you're wondering where to start, take a look at the Le Soulier Brides page or at her gallery

I'm already planning my ideas for a pair of Sonia's shoes for my 20th wedding anniversary  and I know I'll be joining the scores of happy customers on her site.

Sonia's unique creations are beautifully hand-painted with love and care and are something you will be able to cherish for a lifetime as part of your wedding day.

Sonia herself can't be with us on the day but several of her gorgeous pairs of shoes will be to get your creative juices flowing! 

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