Wednesday 25 February 2015


After doing us proud as our 'official photographer' last year, we're thrilled to have Pete Cranston exhibiting with us this year.

We love Pete's style of photography.  He's passionate about showing the true you and he sees the beauty in everyone - a combination that makes for great photos you'll adore!

Pete's wedding photography captures those little instants that make the atmosphere of the whole day - a beautiful smile, a quick glance, an instant of bonding - those fleeting moments that would otherwise be lost forever.

Most of all, his photos are about  the emotion of the day.  You'll look at the photos and all those wonderful feelings will come flooding back.  

Pete works organically, seeing how the day unfolds and making the most of what he sees with real, in the moment, photos of you, your family and friends.

As he says "If you want to marry the love of your life and you want to share that with those closest to you ... we probably will (get on).  I work best when you are relaxed and thinking more about being married rather than getting married."

Take a look at what his couples say - if you want a photographer who somehow can be everywhere at once, is charming, has fun with you and makes everyone feel relaxed, Pete's your man!

You can go ahead and enjoy your day knowing that Pete's there taking in every moment through his lens! 

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