Thursday 19 January 2017


Welcome to the British Independent label of LK Bespoke Bridal.  Lisa Keating works closely with her clients in order to create and successfully achieve the perfect fit, unique look, bridal-wear and evening wear that suits the personality and style of each individual woman.

Photograph courtesy of Jo Hansford Photography
Lisa loves and designs bridal-wear for real women.  Her approach is personal and it's an obvious passion.  Every creation understands the client's body, their individual beauty, personal vision and their lifestyle.

Photograph courtesy of Jo Hansford Photography
With 35 years' experience in understanding the bride's desire to be her best self and to express that in their own way, Lisa makes the wedding dress work for them, NOT the bride work out for the dress!

Photo courtesy of Jo Hansford Photography
This is where the dress is designed and made for each individual bride.  It's a completely different experience from entering a bridal shop and selecting a gown that's mass-produced and 'off the peg'.  It's a personal experience, where the gown starts with a conversation, enters into the design process and Lisa works through every stage with you, the bride to create a gown that will make you feel confident, beautiful, spoiled and 'loved'!

Photograph courtesy of Jo Hansford Photography
Combining her commercial design background, in-depth pattern-making and garment construction knowledge, Lisa works with your vision, vintage inspiration and love and passion for beautiful fabrics to create truly stunning, modern wedding dresses and bridal wear. She brings creativity, intelligence and versatility to her collections, knowing that carefully crafted and interchangeable elements will work for every woman, whatever shape or size.

Photograph courtesy of Viktoria Kuti
Graduating with a BA Honors in Fashion Design in 1989 at the University of Bristol, Lisa went on to gain a post-graduate certificate in Fashion Illustration, then specialising in Corsetry, feeding her obsession with fit, the female form and embellishment.  This knowledge and experience, combined with Lisa's skills as an Atelier, give her an unparalleled ability to design and create breath-taking wedding gowns.

Lisa is proud to divide her time between creating beautiful gowns and passing on her skills and knowledge in teaching Fashion Degree students in South-West universities as well as running workshops and masterclasses.

Lisa will have a beautiful array of her garments for you to fall in love with at the fair and all her items are created in Bristol, England.  



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