Thursday 5 January 2017


Visitors to Days of Grace are always amazed at their vast choice of dresses.  

Photograph courtesy of Claire MacIntyre Photography

Linda Duriez has been a collector for many years since she first moved to Devon at the end of the 1970s where, with a passion for lace, she began to amass her collection.

The range spans from 1900 to the end of the 1950s in the main but there's often a coming out dress from 1960 or a boho 70s that she finds hard to resist.  

Linda has so many fine early examples of wearable Edwardian lace gowns and embroidered veils from that era you won't be able to resist.

Because of her amazing collection (and lovely personality!) Linda's always popular with bloggers and magazine editors and Days of Grace have been popping up on all the wedding blogs and are regularly featured in magazines. 

Photo courtesy of Ben Photography
This past year has seen more individual Days of Grace designs using antique lace, making each dress unique.  

Having such a large collection of lace means that original dresses that are too small can be adapted at the clever hands of their talented seamstresses making a vintage wedding dress more accessible to girls who are not size 8!  


Check out their Facebook page and scroll through their photos including 1920s beaded gowns, some newly created by Linda's film contacts.  

In addition to the dress they have all manner of beautiful accessories and vintage paraphernalia and are especially proud to be Gemma Sangwine stockists of one-off headdresses. 

Photo courtesy of Andy Green of Harrera Images 

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