Monday 2 March 2015


We're thrilled to welcome Rose Popay back to this year's fair.  Rose can not only capture your wedding day but involve your guests in creating a collaborative work of art for you to keep forever.

Rose will start the process by drawing the bride and groom, some of the main features of the setting and some of the guests. If you wish, Rose can then invite guests to join in by drawing memories of the day.  Continuing to draw alongside, Rose gives the canvas a strong structure and encourages others to join in. Your delighted guests will see the artwork take shape before their eyes and completed by the end of the evening!  


Rose can also draw solo if you wish or can work from photographs before or after the event - so guests could give the artwork as a gift before or after the big day!  The painting can be presented on a box canvas or on watercolour paper ready for framing.  Rose can also draw maps to your wedding venue.

Born in 1974 to a pair of artists who formed the Natural Theatre Company of Bath, Rose was probably destined to follow the Arts!  Having travelled the world extensively and worked for Damien Hirst's Science Studios for 5 years, Rose now works for herself on events, as a performance artist and on her Popayspectives creating future heirlooms 

We love Rose's style - her painting is just like her, fun, unique and inimitable!  Come and see her at the fair where she'll be doing a live drawing!

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