Saturday 7 March 2015


We're giving an honourable mention to the wonderful 'Babes in the Woods'.  They can't be with us this year but we're really going to miss them and I promised I would mention them as I love what they do!   Sarah wrote a lovely piece on them which says it all: 

It's always a dilemma - you want to do something a bit different for your hen weekend but you don't want to traipse the streets searching for somewhere to dance, and the cost and logistics of organising plane travel & hotel rooms are just too much of a headache.  What you really want is quality time with your girlfriends, a bit of pampering and a truly bonding experience that you'll always remember.  Well - Babes in the Woods can offer you just that!

Founded by Hetti and supported by The Kitchen table and The Yurt Catering Companies and a fabulous team of hosts, Babes in the Woods offers a totally different, wild opportunity " invitation to learn some ancient bushcraft skills, connect with people who are important to you, and mark the marriage of the bride to be".

Set in either the original 300 acres of mixed woodland in a secret pocket of beautiful Devon, a short stroll from the river Dart, or a magical  spot in the Malvern Hills with birds eye views, a roaring camp fire and ancient winding paths await to greet your party. You will be offered a bubbly reception, shown to your luxury Californian dome 'billionstar" dome accommodation, and given a wild walk tour of the area. 

Taking 'glamping' to a new level, the Babes have coined the term 'Woodlounging'!  You get exclusive use of the site and will be offered breakfast in bed or an earlybird yoga/meditation session, with the option of massages, cream teas, bushcraft sessions, or musicians and storytellers to serenade you beside the fire under the star studded night sky.

But don't let the 'outdoors' scare you - you'll learn about ancient survival skills while wearing your best dress & feather boa - you don't have to dress in camouflage gear!  The Babes' ethos is that you have fun as you learn how to create fire, build shelters and find out about wild food.  Remember those childhood sleepovers - well this is 100 times more fun - spending the evening laughing and dancing by the camp fire, under the stars, being served rustic gourmet out-door cooked lunch and dinner and then sinking into your bed in a cosy furnished Californian bedroom dome ... or even sleeping out in your own hand-crafted shelter if you're feeling brave!

But don't just take my word for it - take a look at the testimonials page and read the blog and you'll soon be dying to step into this magical outdoor world.

A totally unforgettable experience, this is the ultimate bonding weekend and a perfect way to mark your friendship before the big day.  It's also a great way to bring all your girlfriends together so that on your wedding day they'll have so much to talk about .. .the stags will be incredibly envious!

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