Sunday 1 March 2015


With her love of music from the 1940's onwards, from Swing to Rock 'n' Roll ... Rockabilly to Rhythm 'n' Blues ... Ska to Indie ... 80's Rare Garage & Acid to 90's House & Dance, Bristol based DJ Lula can create the perfect musical background for your wedding day.

With her incredibly eclectic vintage collection, Lula can offer you a totally personalised service to create whatever background you want.

If there's something you really love, Lula will try to include that and she'll chat to you about your style and decor so that her set compliments the surroundings - from subtle to outrageous - whatever fits in with your style.

Because of her love of all genres of music, Lula can please all your guests.  She's also happy to stay in the background or be more outgoing with your guests and will take requests when she can.

We met Lula when she first worked for us at an event.  We were quite inexperienced and Lula couldn't have been better - setting up the atmosphere perfectly and really pulling the stops out for a catwalk later in the evening.  Her professionalism and experience for exactly what was needed helped make the event such a success!

Recently featuring in Perfect Wedding and Wedding Magazine, Lula is also a DJ and presenter on internet radio station 'Rockabilly Radio' with her own live weekly radio show playing everyone from Rock 'n' Rol, Rockabilly to Doo-Wop and Rhythm 'n' Blues!

Come and hear Lula play at the fair and you'll be bopping all the way home!

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