Friday 3 February 2012

Shellac Sound

Gramophone DJs?  Yes please!  Matt Jones and Kate Wright are Bristol based gramophone enthusiasts Shellac Sound, playing music from the 1920's, 30's and 40's on original wind-up gramophones.  They’ve played at art galleries, art deco hotels, music concerts, cinemas, birthday parties in church halls and tea parties in the park as well as some fabulous wedding receptions.  Drawing on their large collection of 78rpm records, they play a varied mixture of dance bands, popular vocal, jazz, chanson and latin, but are happy to tailor a set to completely suit your tastes.  

Using two 1930's His Masters Voice 102 gramophones [widely regarded as one of the best sounding portable gramophones] and one horn gramophone, these are surprisingly loud and clear, but can easily be amplified using microphones if necessary.  With a daytime guide rate of is £150 for the first hour and £50 per additional hour, there are additional charges for travelling further afield and for evening events, so best to talk through your event with them in detail.  
They've been gramophoning since 2003 and are passionate about bringing the machines and the music to gatherings and celebrations.  Their website is delightfully retro and you can be inspired by samples of the fantastic music with their ‘listen’ section.  At the fair, Matt will be playing records in between the live music and doing his very best to have a chat with you all whilst changing gramophone needles every three minutes!  Catch him while you can and let yourself be lost in the magic of the music.

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