Saturday 4 February 2012

Cool Classy Campers

For a special way to get to your wedding, look no further than Cool Classy Campers.  Owners Philip and Sarah Heaton have three of these gorgeous VW Camper Vans they hire out for weddings and honeymoons all year round.  They’re both passionate about these gorgeous vehicles; not only smitten with the bags of spirit and personality they possess, but with the whole exhilarating experience of hitting the open road and driving anywhere you wish, turning heads as you go!

It's an experience they want you to share... and now you can! Each bespoke VW Camper Van is beautifully restored with a gorgeous finished interior.  For your wedding you can hire one in red, blue or white, the latter affectionately known as ‘Gus’.  You’ll be chauffeur- driven and can be as creative as you like with flowers and vintage ribbons.  You can opt to hire it as your honeymoon car too.  Each VW is fully equipped with a double bed, stove, sink and water as well as a fridge for your champagne.  There’s even a flip screen dvd; they really are something special.

The new website is currently under construction, but very soon you’ll be able to meet one of their cool VW Camper Vans at the fair.  ‘Gus’ will be parked in the Zoo car park and both Philip and Sarah will be on hand to answer any queries and tell you all about the history of their charming vans.  Don’t forget to ask about the new, fourth van too.  Currently being fully restored, this 52-year old Camper VW will become a completely mobile cocktail van, ready for your wedding and garden parties this summer.

For enquires call 0117 962 3442 or email

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