Saturday 11 February 2012

The Little Wedding Helper

How about an Award Winning stylist for your wedding?  The Little Wedding Helper specialises in bespoke venue and marquee styling, helping couples across Bristol and the South West to stop worrying about ‘how it should be done’ and instead creating and styling a wedding that’s uniquely theirs, from start to finish.

Founder Kirsten Butler loves detail.  Voted regional winner in the ‘Special Touches’ category for the South West [Wedding Industry Awards 2012], she really does have that special touch.  Kirsten knows that making your wedding magical isn’t always about spending lavish amounts of money.  She believes it’s the small details and personal touches that make the day truly special.

Weddings can seem complicated and overwhelming amongst all the budgeting and planning required and decisions to be made, but The Little Wedding Helper can guide you through all of this, keeping you focused and giving you peace of mind that your reception will be completely taken care of.  She's not a wedding planner, but that extra pair of hands to focus on all styling elements of your big day.  She works alongside hotel staff and wedding coordinators and will ensure the venue is transformed while you’re getting ready.  Specialising in marquee decoration, her on-the-day styling service means you can enjoy the build up of your wedding day whilst the inside and outside of the marquee are being decorated with love and exquisite attention to detail.

Kirsten loves talking weddings, so get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or the website and make an appointment to describe your vision over the tea and delicious cupcakes she always has at the ready.  Initial consultations are free and fees are tailored to suit your needs.  She even hosts inspiration sessions in Bristol and she's a fab listener, letting you know just how she can compliment your ideas and sprinkle a little creative inspiration on top.  Best of all you can come and meet Kirsten in person and have a chat on the day of the fair.  Trust me, she’s got some brilliant ideas and all you have to do is ask!

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