Wednesday 13 November 2013

Moomie Swan

Bristol Vintage are delighted to present the artist behind our all new 2014 wedding fair poster… Moomie Swan.

Bristol Vintage's Ali Cook says: "I'd seen Moomie's artwork before and loved it and I just felt she had a great style.  I knew I wanted a romantic flowing feel for this year's poster and I was so thrilled when she sent me her first sketches as it was exactly the style I'd had in my head". 

Moomie was really excited when we asked her to create our poster: "I'm a big fan of vintage fashion and early 20th century illustration styles and I knew this would be the perfect project to incorporate both these influences."

Choosing to go with a 20's feel for the drawing and art deco inspired text, Moomie said, "as it's a wedding fair, I really wanted to capture a sense of joy and excitement." She experimented with some sketches of a couple dancing, but eventually settled on the groom lifting up the bride to throw her bouquet as it seemed the most iconic symbol of newly wed joy.

As well as designing posters and cards, Moomie makes beautiful origami decorations which she sells at craft fairs... 

…and illustrates books. She's currently preparing for Christmas, but you can find out more on her blog and don't forget to pop back here soon for the 2014 poster reveal!

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