Wednesday 15 May 2013


Sorry it's been a while since I've been on here - the wedding world is a little manic (and fun) at the moment but I've been neglecting the blog, so it's time I got some more of the amazing Marie Mann's photos on-line for you to enjoy!  I've chosen a selection of sparkly, silky, gauzy delights, focussing on texture, colour and detail.  More of the same to follow very soon!

 Unbelievably gorgeous lingerie from the equally gorgeous Jacqui Jones of Miss Jones
 Fairytale wedding dresses from the fabulous Lisa of LK Bespoke Bridal
Beautifully flattering neck corset from LK Bespoke Bridal
A signature piece from Britten Weddings defined by their usual glamour and elegance
A selection of fluid, elegant & incredibly wearable dresses from the talented Charlotte Smith 
Vintage lace (above) & timeless vintage jewellery (below) from the treasure chest that is 

Enjoy!  More beautiful pictures to follow shortly!

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