Monday 21 March 2011


Well - what an amazing day!  We just wanted to say thank you to everyone - firstly to Steve & Vicky from the Compass Group at Clifton Pavilion - the nicest people we could ever ask to work with - nothing was too much trouble and they really got into the swing of things - note Steve's immaculate double-breasted suit and his gorgeous smoking jacket!

Secondly, to our absolutely fabulous (!) exhibitors - every one of you was superb with the most amazing quality wares - I cannot TELL you how tempted I was to get my cheque book out so many times!  Also - you're all SO professional - consummate stall assemblers & dissemblers with not a complaint in site - an absolute pleasure to work with - we hope you'll all want to come back next year!

VERY importantly - we have to say thank you to Kirstie - without whom it would not have been a success.  Kirstie is our blog builder and writer.  It's her friendly messages you've all been reading for the last few months - tempting you with her tidbits of gossip and info. about our exhibitors.  She is a wonder and created so much interest in the fair as well as looking gorgeous on the day!

This is beginning to sound a bit like an Oscar speech - so a very swift thank you to Nicky, who works tirelessly with us to make everything run smoothly, to Sarah, Tara & Nicki, who modelled for us (and looked gorgeous) and...

FINALLY, but MOST importantly,  to everyone who visited the fair - we really hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and we've helped you with your wedding plans.  We'd love to hear your comments - what did we get right or wrong, what would you like to see more of?  Please do comment on this site or on our Facebook page (Bristol Vintage) or email me direct:

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting pictures of the event and remember, information about all the exhibitors can be found via links on the right hand side of this page.

So - back down to earth today - and a day off to recover.  I'm hoping some of you are smiling happily at any purchases you made or bookings you're hoping to make and look forward to seeing you at the next one!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Ali. And a big thank you to you and to Katie for allowing me to represent your business and being generally wonderful.

    It was easy with all the fab exhibitors to write about. You lot are lush! (Come on, I'm from Bristol. I've got to get a 'lush' in there somewhere).

    Good times people.


  2. I also think Katie and Ali are GERT LUSH (Also from Bristol) XXXXX
    Rachel XX

  3. My first ever wedding fair and would just like to say how much I enjoyed myself. All of the exhibitors were very friendly and helpful. I just didn't stay long enough to have a really good mooch.I've learnt that taking a reluctant fiance isn't such a good idea !

  4. Thank you for organising. We had a lovely day.

  5. Thank you Bristol Vintage,

    you hosted the best wedding show to date. Then venue was perfect, from the leopard print carpet to the fabulous décor, well laid out rooms filled with top notch exhibitors - only sorry that I didn't get a moment to wander round and meet everyone!

    Thanks also for giving me such lovely models to create some vintage magic upon.

    Well done Kisrtie for this blog and lets do it again next year!