Friday 18 March 2011

Sheena Holland

We are delighted to introduce you to Sheena Holland - accessorizer to the stars! (Is 'accessorizor' a word?). Anyway, we've been blown away by Sheena's unique and beautifully designed and handmade headbands, not to mention her incredible career studying under Katherine Hamnet in the 80s as well as designing for some pretty impressive clients including, most recently, Pink and Lily Allen.

We can't wait to see her headbands at the Fair on Sunday!

Check out Sheena's website at

Sheena Holland is the Original Feather pad Headband creator. Her visually stunning vintage designs have graced the pages of fashion magazines, such as Vogue.

Sheena Holland feather Headbands and other headbands are one off pieces using only Antique and Vintage jewellery. Her clients have included singers Pink and Lily Allen amongst other people.

Her one-off pieces are distinctive and stand out above the high street stores and other designers who mass produce headwear because each piece is hand-made and can be bespoke.

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