Monday 7 March 2016


I was recently introduced to Helen Arthur by a mutual friend, and fell in love with her beautiful candles.  They’re so luxe and very different from anything else I’ve seen.  The scents and the ethos behind them fit well with my vintage sensibilities and yet their beautiful packaging is timeless and they would make wonderful gifts, for the bride and groom as a memory of a special place or for guests or bridesmaids.  I’ll let Helen explain what makes them so unique.

“Last year I softly launched Scarlet & Nell, exquisitely fragranced candles that only capture the personalities of British counties & cities - nothing else! I have specifically designed the candles to evoke a memory, appealing to people visiting our beautiful cities and those of us who are proud locals wanting to buy a gift or simply show off on their mantelpiece – the perfect wedding accessory.

If I was going to launch a range of candles I needed to be really proud of them and the design was critical. I wanted striking but pretty packaging, designed to be noticed and lovely to touch and I wanted the fragrance to be a direct link to the location supported by a wonderful little story on the box that would make people say "I did not know that". I wanted people to say “WOW!” once they opened the box, so the fragrance needed to be really generous.

That is what I have created.  Bath Roman Roses & Bristol Bluebells are the first candles in the range.  Designed, fragranced & hand-poured in Great Britain for a truly authentic scent of place. In fact, most of my suppliers are from Bristol so provenance is strong and you’re supporting local businesses.

Fragrance evokes a memory
Studies show that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell, which is linked to pleasure, well-being, emotion. Scarlet & Nell will help your guests evoke that memory long after they return home.”

I'm very excited that Helen’s beautiful candles will be available for sale at the fair next Sunday.

Tel: 07507 343283

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