Saturday 31 January 2015


The first thing you notice about Ruby & The Wolf is the name - for me it evokes a dark wood with flashes of crimson - there's something of the fairytale about it ... and then you see the flowers and the fairytale comes true!  The flowers wowed me the first time I saw them - so different from anything else out there.  

Kirstie Deane, the brilliant florist and stylist behind the brand, has a natural, elegant and timeless style and an amazing stylist's eye.  With a background in design and animation production, she takes her inspiration from all things design-related including fashion, interiors and film.  I can personally blame Kirstie for my addiction to Pinterest and Instagram!

Her work covers everything from simple, colour co-ordinated posies to match the bridesmaids dresses, through a single stunning button-hole, to glorious, blousey, exotic blooms in a vintage style vase.  Whatever she does, your eye can't help being drawn to it. 

Not only can Kirstie provide all the flowers for your special day but she can help you with all the visual and styling elements, including choosing a colour palette, creating a mood board or even choosing table linen.  

She adores helping you bring your ideas to life and you'll love having her on board.  Her friendly relaxed manner means working with her is a real pleasure but don't be fooled ... she's taking in everything you say and translating it into her vision of you and your style.  And, believe me, you won't be disappointed!

Come and meet Kirstie at the fair and have a chat with her about what magic she can weave for you!

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