Tuesday 19 August 2014


I am truly in love with Chocolate Delores, both the cakes and the lady who makes them. I have known her for several years now and she is a massive inspiration to me as I am in awe of her creativity and her passion for what she does.

I remember the first time I saw one of her cakes - my jaw actually did drop - and I spent the next half hour just circling the cake wondering how on earth she could design, let alone actually make, something so beautiful … and what's more it was made of chocolate!

Each of these scrumptious chocolate wedding cakes are handmade to order, using the best quality organic, Fairtrade and local ingredients. The main ingredient is a deliciously dark chocolate and each cake is soaked overnight in Port before being layered with Madagascan vanilla buttercream and homemade plum jam. After that, using white, dark or milk chocolate, master chocolatier Lizzie Melling gets to work designing.  So not only do her cakes look stunning, they taste amazing.

Now I also know just how much time and love go into these stunning creations as Lizzie often works into the early hours of the morning to ensure the cake is absolutely perfect.

Every time I see Lizzie's cakes I have a new favourite … for a while it was the cherubs (which I still adore) and more recently I've been bowled over by her skull cake - perfect for a couple looking for something a little dark and different!

But I've been made speechless by a classically beautiful dark chocolate cake filled with deep red roses, and blown away by her edible stylish shoes (perfect presents for hens or bridesmaids!).  

I am a real fan of her individual cakes - for a small affair or perfect as a special present for any occasion.

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If you want a cake that not only supplies the 'WOW' factor but will also have your guests wanting more, then Chocolate Delores Cakes are for you!

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