Wednesday 30 October 2013

Rose Popay

Bristol Vintage loves Rose Popay - The Wedding Painter

Invite Rose Popay to your wedding to entertain your guests whilst she draws and paints your event.

She will encourage (gently force) your guests to join in, resulting in a fabulous collaborative creation of your wedding by the end of the evening.

Rose also draws wedding maps...

...and can work from photographs after an event. She's just finished two that were sent to the USA and Dawn Porter just recommissioned Rose to celebrate the first year of her marriage to Chris O'Dowd from photographs of their adventures.

So get with those in the know and book Rose Popay for your wedding and have the most unique, original and wonderful reminder of your wedding day. (Oh and she'll be at our next fair in March 2014 so make sure you come and meet her - she'll be drawing live!)

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