Friday 8 March 2013

Pennywell Pictures

Pennywell Pictures is the brainchild of the lovely Chris Gape. Bristol-based Chris took his love of photography, went on to study film-making, and has been working professionally in film and television ever since with both the BBC and Aardman Animations.

It was while working at the BBC and being asked to help edit a colleagues wedding video, which had been shot using vintage film that inspired him to set up Pennywell Pictures. Chris loves the look and feel of using Super8 cameras to capture that nostalgic and sentimental aspect to a day that is inherently special. 

Click here to watch one of his gorgeous vintage-style wedding videos.

Your wedding day is an incredibly special event and each one is totally unique. The day brings together families and friends from all over and is full of memories to capture. Chris believes that there's no better way of capturing that special day and all the memories than in a unique and vintage way; “In years to come when you want to remind yourself of all those special moments, the nostalgic feel of a vintage wedding film is that something to cherish for the rest of your marriage together. When I film a wedding I like to blend into the background and go with the flow of the day. I like to capture those natural moments of reuniting friends and families and those beautiful moments of emotion and celebration.” 

Follow the adventures of Pennywell Pictures on their website, although with the new year and all the excitement of joining us this Sunday at our Fair, Chris has decided he’s going to give it a new look! Whilst the website’s under development, you can see all of his vintage-style wedding videos here or pop down to our Fair this Sunday, March 10th at the Clifton Pavilion and meet him in person! 

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