Tuesday 5 February 2013

A Suit That Fits

For the bride it’s all about the dress and that perfect fit… but with a bespoke suit, the dapper grooms of Bristol can now feel just as special.

For the perfect fitting vintage-style suit, grooms are going to want to meet the guys from A Suit That Fits. Whether you’re after a Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire look, these talented Style Advisers will design you a suit from a host of different eras and still give it a modern fit.


When you book an appointment with A Suit That Fits Style Advisor, you start by selecting from their hand-picked cloths, and finish off with all the extra sartorial details like the colour of the stitching, the width of the lapel - they can even opt to get a picture printed into the lining - a lovely surprise!

You’ll be expertly measured by Bristol’s local A Suit That Fits tailor, David Minns, for your personal pattern to be drawn; the cloth will be cut, and then hand-stitched into their bespoke garment. 6-8 weeks later your wedding suit will be ready, and you’ll have a fitting appointment with David to finesse the fit.

You may already know what to go for. If not, here are some ideas to get started from the dapper gents at A Suit That Fits:

The lounge suit - the two or three-piece lounge suit is becoming a more popular option for the modern wedding – with a choice of cloths and linings, Bristol’s grooms can really flash their personality in this suit.

The traditional morning suit - some grooms opt for the traditional morning suit, which is just as dapper. However, there are a few extra tips to remember regarding the morning coat: the length of the back of the morning coat (tails) should be just above the back of the knee and the one button should sit comfortably in the middle.


If you’d like some more guidance, visit www.aSuitThatFits.com, or call 020 3553 560 to book an appointment with Bristol’s Local Tailor.  You can check out their wonderful style blog and find them on Facebook and Twitter, but do come along and meet tailor David at our Fair. He’ll be on hand to answer all your questions, you’ll be able to see plenty of sample fabrics and even try on a suit!

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