Friday 4 January 2013

A Little Personal New Year Message

I almost never write personal posts as I don't think most of you want to read about me but want to see the gorgeous vintage exhibitors.  However, I've just spent the last 12 days feeling a bit ill and a bit fed up and I wanted to share something with you all as I think it's a fairly universal theme.

One of the reasons I love vintage is that I LOVE style and beauty and there's nothing like the cut of a beautiful piece of vintage silk or a gorgeous feather shrug to make you feel glamorous.  Sadly, the last couple of years I've felt a lot less than glamorous.  Over the last few years I've been steadily putting on weight and I've been focussing so much on Bristol Vintage and my massage business that I've had no time to get fit.  A couple of years ago I bit the bullet and got myself a marvellous personal trainer (thank you Zita Alves!) who really started to turn things around for me ... and then I fell and broke my arm and  it all fell apart.

I spent 8 months unable to use my hand - I kept on with my swimming at the wonderful, wonderful Lido, but I couldn't use my right hand at all so I had to focus on Bristol Vintage and on working as hard as I could (one-handed) on the business whilst my massage business had to be put on hold for the time being and fitness was something I just didn't have time for.

A year on and Bristol Vintage is doing well and I'm massaging again (phew) but, of course, my health and wellbeing took a back step and I've put on more weight and on Christmas Eve I came down with a bad cold.  My husband's Mum is in hospital so he wanted to spend Christmas Day with her and my Mum is in the early stages of Alzheimers so I went to Mum & Dad's for Xmas Day to cook dinner - which was absolutely lovely - we had a great time and played scrabble ... but I was already feeling full of cold and by Boxing Day I was really laid low.

I was SO lucky that my husband, Cookie, was home for our wedding anniversary and we'd saved enough to go away for a couple of nights to the Bedruthan Steps.  It's the most amazing hotel in Cornwall (sister to The Scarlet) - our room overlooked the beach and unbelievably this gorgeous hotel is dog friendly so we were able to take Jester and our new rescue boy, Mac.  They loved it and we had lots of long beach walks and I could spend time in the spa - it really was a dream BUT I still had my cold and hacking cough and was feeling a bit low.

I had decided 2013 was the year I was going to start my health kick again - preferably on 2nd Jan but, of course, on return from the hotel I felt even worse and have spent a lot of time in bed and then, yesterday, I put my back out as it was so tight from coughing.  So - I've decided that's it - TIME!

I think part of the reason I got so ill was because I'm run down and NOT fit - so 2013 really IS the year I'm going to get fit.  I saw the osteo today (Gill from The Family Practice - I can't recommend her enough - she is marvellous - gentle and yet always effective).  I still need another session but I'm a lot better and, of course, I've not overindulged over the Christmas period as I normally would so I feel in some way I've got a head start for once!

Last year, I won a copy of 'Run Fat Bitch Run' - a great book to encourage you to start running - I've kept up my Lido membership (thanks Mum & Dad for the BEST Christmas present ever!) AND I've invested in a Groupon offer for 10 Hot Yoga sessions.  On Monday I intend to (gently) start my new fitness and healthy eating regime.  I've learnt over the years not to diet but to 'eat clean' and star exercising more and this year I seriously intend to make changes.

I'm sharing all this with you as I know loads of other people will be already feeling fed up and wanting to give up - but what I've learnt is that small steps and long term plans are important.  So - I'm hoping that when I get to see you all at the Wedding Fair I will be able to fit into a lovely outfit and then, a month later at the Weird, Wonderful Wedding World Show, I will be in a slightly smaller outfit and by the end of 2013 I will be a lot fitter and healthier and, hopefully, won't be prone to 12 days of hacking cough & cold!

Do come and say hello at the fair as I love meeting you all - and I also know that you probably expect me to be glamorous and unapproachable - which I'm absolutely NOT!  But I am hoping by the 2014 fair to be glamorous and still completely approachable!

Much love and wishing you all whatever you wish for in 2013!

Ali xxx

P.S.  Some photos of the dogs on the beach - it WAS  lovely break!

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