Thursday 26 January 2012


When visiting our fair on 26th February, make sure you catch the wonderful Cuffy and his Spanish guitar.  He’s a professional flamenco guitarist with over 20 years experience and he’ll be playing on and off throughout the day, adding a splash of sunshine and romance to our event. 

Cuffy studied in Spain and has played with numerous Flamenco musicians, singers and dancers.  He’s a member of Flamenco Trio *Calima* and plays with world music Group *Up Bustle & Out*.  Most recently he’s been playing with Israeli Ladino singer *Yasmin Levy* on her USA & European Tours.  He’s experienced playing big events and lucky for us, that includes weddings.  So you too can have a dash of the Mediterranean at your wedding ceremony and a romantic ambient background to your wedding breakfast or reception.  Come and meet Cuffy at the fair.  He’s always happy to discuss any musical requests that may add a ‘special something’ to your day.  

If you can’t wait till then, try his Facebook and Myspace pages for music and samples or his about me page for more information.  For bookings, email him at

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  1. Nothing beats experience and cultural immersion when it comes to the development of flamenco artists. Cuffy has tons of both. Highly recommended for weddings.

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