Thursday 27 January 2011

Chocolate Delores

One of the best things about working with Katie and Ali (owners of the wonderful Bristol Vintage and your hosts for the Fair) has been some of the lovely people they've introduced me to and Lizzie from Chocolate Delores melted my heart! She's absolutely lovely and, being in the cream of the wedding cake industry for the last 10 years, means that her cakes will melt yours. Chocolate Delores wedding cakes are utterly delicious and jaw-droppingly beautiful to boot.

I've just been looking at the cakes on her website (again) and am positively salivating (again). Using only the finest ingredients, Lizzie makes wedding cakes, birthday cakes, individual cakes and chocolate shoes. She also makes florentines, dark chocolate gingers, dark chocolate orangettes and cocoa dusted truffles. All of which are to die for and would make perfect wedding favours.

More deliciousness and information on the Chocolate Delores website - If you're interested in ordering one of her cakes, Lizzie will send you a slice to try. Oh joy!
130 portion wedding cake. This cake can be served as dessert with seasonal fruit.

100 portion three tier cake covered in dark chocolate with fresh orchids.

165 portion three tier cake separated with fresh red roses on a log base.

Individual serving of chocolate cake wrapped in a white fold with pink chocoate hearts.


  1. I have to say this is the best cake I have ever had!

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