Tuesday 23 November 2010

Country Cupcakes

We're so excited to have Nikki from Country Cupcakes joining us. I met Nikki at her cupcake school earlier this year. I must say it was one of my favourite morning's of 2010! Nikki is truly inspiring. I don't mind admitting I consider myself something of a cupcake goddess myself after being taught by such a pro.

The Times call Country Cupcakes the top cupcake provider in the Country and we're not about to disagree. Nikki's cakes are not just utterly beautiful, but also utterly delicious.

Oh, and let's not forget Nikki's rock 'n' roll side - “The rock and roll wedding of the year Pearl Lowe and Danny Goffrey.  Cupcakes by country cupcakes.” - Hello Magazine
Take a look at Country Cupcake's brilliant website for some truly stunning wedding cakes. - http://www.countrycupcakes.com/

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